Aptitude Of Souls

The Way of Chi is the method of accessing and controlling the life energy produced by the human body called Chi, that goes largely untapped by most. All people innately possess it in its sealed form and in most cases it only manifests itself in near death situations. Every person's Chi is unique and can have unique properties, however there are eight broad classifications, called paths, which share similar abilities and properties. 

There are eight paths for users chi users, seven common and one rare, one of which they are naturally attuned to and are able to make good use of, the rest can be learned to a very slight degree but never fully mastered. In each of the eight paths there are eight broad types of chi called Gates, seven common and one rare.

The gates of chi affect the abilities of the user, however each user's ability is still unique. "The Way of Chi leads down the Path of Chi, through the Gate of Chi to the Door Of The Soul. Through the Door Of The Soul is the true self is found."


In its simplest form Chi gives the user the ability to enhance their physical abilities.

  • The ability to place a skin level force field around the body to give the user great protection (example found from Force Armor Generation).
  • The ability to manipulate the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object (example found from Aura Manipulation).
  • The power to generate enormous amounts of energy that is capable of crushing or damaging anything and everything in the surrounding areas (example found from Energetic Pressure)
  • The ability to shut down a person's brain functions, rendering them unconscious (example found from Neurocognitive Deficit).


  • The chi concept is a combination of several sources of inspiration, as well as a few of my own invention. These sources include:
  • The weakness in the Hyper Intuition unique ability was suggested by 1NF3RNO.

Maths Of Those Able To Use


All 7,000,000,000 people worldwide have the potential to use Chi

Only 1% ever use it consciously or unconsciously = 70,000,000 people

Of those 70,000,000 people only 5% are ever able to use it consciously = 700,000 people

Of those 700,000 people only 2% are ever able to master their Chi Path Abilities = 14,000 people

Of those 14,000 people only 10% are ever able to master their Chi Type abilities = 1,400 people

Of those 1,400 people only around 25% ever master their unique abilities = 354 people

In conclusion only 0.00000505714% of those with the potential to use their Chi ever fully mater it.

Paths and Type

Those 14,000 people who are able to use their Path abilites are dived evenly between the 8 paths

Heaven: 1,750 people

Wind: 1,750 people

Water: 1,750 people

Mountain: 1,750 people

Earth: 1,750 people

Thunder: 1,750 people

Fire: 1,750 people

Lake: 1,750 people

Of those 1,400 who are able to master their type are divided evenly between the 8 paths

Heaven: 175 people

Wind: 175 people

Water: 175 people

Earth: 175 people

Thunder: 175 people

Fire: 175 people

Lake: 175 people

Of those 175 people in each path only 8% are able to use rare types the rest are divided between the 7 remaining common types.

Heaven Path

Harmony: 14 people

Purification: 23 people

Absolution Type: 23 people

Vivification Type: 23 people

Projection Type: 23 people

Veneration Type: 23 people

Regeneration Type: 23 people

Abstination Type: 23 people

Of those 14 in the rare types around 15% and 23 people in the common types only around 26% ever master their unique abilities.

Heaven Path

Harmony: 2 people

Purification: 6 people

Absolution Type: 6 people

Vivification Type: 6 people

Projection Type: 6 people

Veneration Type: 6 people

Regeneration Type: 6 people

Abstination Type: 6 people