Regulus Valerius Primus

Regulus Valerius Primus (current)

Bio Profile
Full Name Regulus Valerius Primus
  • Legatus Primus
  • Fox of Falingard
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Date of Birth 19th March
Status Active
Ethnicity Alquvian
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Affiliation Profile
  • Alquvian Empire
  • Alquvian 12th Imperial Legion
Rank Legatus
Skill Profile
Role Strategist and General
Weapons Proficiency
  • Falcata
  • Shield
  • Equestrian Lance
Fighting Styles
  • Alquvian Army Style
  • Equestrian Martial Style
  • Gibborim Style


Regulus Valerius Primus is an exiled Legatus, formerly of the 12th Alquvian Legion. Regulus is a rarity in Alquvia, being a man who has risen to a position of high status and power in a female dominated society. He has to deal with sexist attitudes towards men in positions of military command and mistrust of his motives for taking actions.

Under his command the 12th Legion was transformed from a standard force to a force of specialists. Acting as a rapid strike force the 12th the won many victories and Regulus became a pre-eminent Legatus in the empire. Famed as the Fox of Falingard.

This position combined with his gender made him an unpredicatable element in Alquvian politics. This being the case a conspiracy was created against him in order to remove him.

Eventually the conspirators were sucessful and forced Regulus to walk away into exile or face his Legion being decimated.


Regulus dresses rather conservatively and wears only the clothes that make up his uniform, either his battle dress or his uniform.


Regulus is a very cool minded man, very orderly and methodical thought processes. He believes that by being able to control his own more base urges and emotions he is able to gain a greater level of control over the world around him. As such he represses a lot of his emtional responses to prevent violent outbursts that for someone in a position of command could be disasterous. However this is not to say that he is an unemotional person, suppressed deep within him he harbours extremely strong emotions. When these are left uncontrolled Regulus acts in a manner that he would find most unbecoming when in his usual frame of mind.

Regulus is a man who lives by a code of honour and believes that a man who does not do his duty is a man who has no honour. This code of honour includes considering all promises made (The words "I promise" having to be said for it to be considered a promise) to be a binding verbal contract between himself and whoever the prmoise was made to. Even if the promise is a foolish one, he considers it his duty to keep the promise and will not go back on his word. Regulus can be truly stubborn when he sets his mind to something and it is extremely difficult for him to be swayed from his course of action once decided. In the past he has suffered for this stubborness. One incident in particular caused him to be locked up the prison room of the military academy, after he refused to accept that an instructors strategic analysis of a situation was valid. After spending a week in the prison an outside opinion was sought and Regulus proved correct.

For the most part Regulus does not get stressed very easily and is generally laid back. He can let most annoyance roll off his back and move on without them effecting him. This trait is part of the reason for his great success as a military leader as pressure and stress do not cloud his mind very easily. On the few rare occasions when Regulus considers himself to not be performing his duty he has a rather capricious mindset, bouncing from idea to the next. To the few who have seen him when he is acting in such a way, it is almost as if he is a different person all together.

In his spare time Regulus is an avid player of War Chess and always carries a War Chess set with him. He considers playing the game to be a form of a mental exercise that keeps his mind and senses as sharp as possible. This passtime reveals him as the cosnumate pragmatist and realist, always attempting ensure that his emotions to not effect is decision making processes.

He is an incredibly perceptive person, able to read the emotions and personality of people he meets or observes. It is a skill that was instrumental to his meteoric risethrough the ranks of the Alquvian Legion. He perceptiveness allows him to see the strength, weaknesses and potential of a person before they've truly shown it. It gives him a kind of foreknowledge of what a person is capable of and he has developed the ability to draw out a persons potential and gain their loyalty in the process.


Master Strategist

Regulus is a master of strategy with a natural ability to think and plan very far in advance very quickly. Making use of that skill to actively use his military resources such as people, equipment, and information against the opponent's resources to gain supremacy and reduce the opponent's will to fight.

Counterstrike Theorem

This is the strategic theorem whereby a general sends certain signals via his troop movements, these signals are designed to lead the enemy general to believe that the general plans to move a certain way with his army. When the enemy forces move in to strike, that is when the allied general will launch his counterstrike taking the enemy forces off balance via ambushes and other such tactics.

Information Warfare

Information Warfare is the expensive but highly effective method of controlling the flow of information within a said area. In strategic terms this means misinformation and pychological warfare.

Mounted Infantry Strategy

This is the strategic theorem that allows Regulus to train and treat his 12th Legion troops as both elite cavalry and elite infantry.

Master Tactician

Regulus is a master of tatics, the art form of completing specific missions and mission objectives in the most effective and least costly manner possible.

  • In military usage, a military tactic is used by a military unit of no larger than a division to implement a specific mission and achieve a specific objective, or to advance toward a specific target.

Pillars Of Battle Theorem

Regulus precribes to the tactical theorem of the Pillars of Battle, whereby the morale and effectiveness of a unit is supported by several specfic troops within a formation. By striking these targets an enemy unit cam be demoralised and routed very rapidly, with minimal losses to your own troops.

This theorem has limitations as elite and veteran units are not as susceptible to this tactic as less experienced units. However for most units the tactic is extremely effective and can change the course of battles.

Shock Theorem

Regulus prescribes to the tatical theorem of Shock Tactics. This theorem states that the most effective tactical manoures always cause the opponent to be taken aback.

Master Swordsmen

Regulus is a master swordsman who spent most of his young life training to be in the army. He discovered early on that he was particularly skilled in the use of a sword, being able to defeat his training masters in the academy before he left. Initially trained in the use of a gladius, he changed his primary weapon and combat style after the Mundren

Expert Horseman

After serving for several years as an officer in the cavalry, Regulus has become an expert horseman.


General's Falcata

Regulus's Generals Falcata

It's an unusual weapon for a soldier serving in the Alquvian Legion. The standard issue weapon for serving in the Legion is a relatively short, straight thrusting blade.

Early during his career Regulus was almost killed in what turned into a duel on the battlefield against a skilled opponent wielding a Mundren Falcata.

After the close call in the battle he had a similar weapon to his fallen foe made for himself. The event drove him to learn how to use the weapon in order to become as dangerous to his opponents as that enemy had been to him.

Equestrian Lance Tip

Equestrian Lance Tip
Regulus carries an equestrian style lance tip with him to save on carrying a whole lance. This allows him to make a new lance with only half an hour of work and not be encumbered when not in battle. It is also useful as a secondary weapon in case his Falcata is lost in battle.

12th Legion Shield

Regulus's Shield
After taking over command of the 12th Legion, Regulus redesigned the weapons and eqiptment of the Legion to suit their new purpose. Instead of fighting as a single block unit with a cavalry screen, the legion learned to act of an army of specialists. The shield is a large oval shape with gaps at the side, made from pieces of hardwood interlaced which is a solid steel frame, with a veneer of steel on its front. On the rear face of Regulus' Scutum has a sheath on it, that has space for his Equestrian Lance tip. It was attached by Regulus after recieving the shield allowing him to carry the lance tip easily in battle, making the lance tip a useful secondary weapon



Chief Alrekr The Bloodfist

Bassed off User:1NF3RNO

Alrekr is the tribal chief of the Hádreki, the masters of the Þrymja Fjalls.

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st

Bassed off User:FadingSoul

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st is the empress of the Alquvian Empire.

  • She is known as the songbird of the empire, as she loves music.
  • She is a great patron of the arts who paints and sculpts regularly.
  • She does not actively take part in the warfare.
  • She is a powerful figure in politics.
  • She considers others before she acts due to her position.
  • She fills the role of The Chick in the Five Man Band Trope.
  • Phoenix

Imperial Envoy Arash Govad

Bassed off User:Wyvern 0m3g4

Arash Govad is the envoy to the Alquvian Empire from the Falshin Empire. He is the voice of an Falshin Empire that speaks to the Empress of Alquvia and the Alquvian Senate

Eder Basajaun

Bassed off User:13th madman

A strange hat wearing druid or pirate or general rogue who preaches and enacts the anarchist philosophy wherever he goes.

  • Is happy to jump at the chance to cause chaos and be paid for the privalege.
  • He will cause trouble and spread a little chaos wherever he goes, unless it is detramental to his goal of getting the empress back on the throne and getting his fortune.
  • He fills the role of The Lancer in the Five Man Band Trope
  • Erlking


Scarlatto is is Regulus' prized horse whom he considers to be both a partner in arms and a friend. She is a throughbred destrier and a well trained war horse whom Regulus has been riding Scarlatto for 6 years. Regulus always ensures she is well treated wherever they go, even if it means not living well himself. She was named Scarlatto meaning "Scarlet" because of her extremely rare red colouring.

Scarlatto is an extremely intelligent animal with quite the personality. She can be very cheeky and playful doing things that most people would consider to the signs of an untrained animal. Howevers Regulus find her nature to be an enjoyable quirk and her reliability on the battlefied makes her a life saving companion. To his mind her impertinent off of the battlefield is a small price to pay for her ability to safely carry him through the fray.


Spahbed Daršam Arika

Based off Jakyou

  • He is very creative and a deep thinker. He also tends to think and plan incredibly quickly.
  • He's fiercely loyal to anyone he becomes closely attached to. Even resorting to violence to defend someone.
  • He does his best to display a fascade of patience and anger control, seeing as he feels it's necessary for someone in his position.
  • He has a sense of humor and makes use of puns.

Daršam means 'Greatly' in Old Iranian. Arika means "Treacherous" in Old Iranian. All together the name means "Greatly Treacherous".

Padouspan Zahhak Dakhma

Based off User:FoolishMortalFOOL

He is the Vice-General of the invading army who captured Alquvia, the capital of the empire.

Zahhak means 'Dragon' in Persian. Dakhma means "Crypt" in Persian. All together the name means "Dragon Crypt".

Marzban Hamza Parisa

Based off Undead Hero

The name Hamza means Strong. The name Parisa means Like A Fairy. The name all together means Strong Like A Fairy. Or Brîska meaning glitter, which all together would mean Glitter Like A Fairy.

Senator Aedifica Cassia Omid

Based off User:NadaAsar

  • She works with the invaders from within the senate, helping to push Regulus into exile. Using other women to push her agenda.
  • She is the first not fulll blooded Alquvian to become a Senator. She's a master architect who helped design some of the greatest buildings in the captial.
  • She makes herself the leader of the rebels and uses her extensive architectural knowledge to hide them in various hidden places, then brings forth the invaders to flush out an wipe out any rebels in the capital.
  • Character reference Zaha Hadid.

Aedifica is a deritive of aedificis means "builder, contractor, architect, maker" in Latin. Cassia is a deritive cassius means "empty" in latin. Omid means Hope in Persian. All together the names means "Architect of Empty Hope".

The Pirate

Based off User:Marcus Junior


Tribal Augur

Bassed off User:Generalizer0

The Circus Master

Based off User:Powerhouse411

The master of a traveling circus with people who fight wild beasts, songstresses and clowns. He allows the group to hide within his circus for a short time.


Childhood Era

Regulus was born into a plebeian family from the Alquvian capital.

  • Regulus has no noble heritage
  • Regulus' father was a career military man, a high ranking NCO.
  • He was raised by his father to be a soldier, his mother was a scholar and hoped that he would have s hort military career before becoming a scholar himself.

Military Academy

  • His father's connections with the high ranking officers that he served garnered enough influence to have Regulus placed into the imperial military college despite his social status and gender.
  • In order to earn the right to be part of the military college Regulus was made to work as a servant to the instructors of the college for several years.
  • When he finally entered the college as a student he was widely considered by the other sutdents to be a low born wretch. Good for nothing but dying in the ranks. However Regulus quickly proved a great apitiude for the military arts and reached the top of his class.
  • He recieved a lot mistrust and outright disgust from his class mates due both to his social status and gender.

Alquvian Legion Era

Joining The Legion

  • When Regulus joined the legion on active service he was posted to the 6th Legion, where he was given command of a small cavalry unit and the rank of Decurion.
  • He learned to act as a shock heavy cavalry unit.
  • He was then elected to the rank of Decuriones in the cavalry contingent of the Legion acting as one of the two deputies to the commander of the unit.
    • This would have required the knights to provide 220 senior officers (120 tribuni militum, 60 decuriones and 60 praefecti sociorum). It was probably from this time that the 18 centuriae of knights became largely an officer class, while the 6,300 Roman cavalrymen required were raised from the rest of the First Class.

Rising Through The Ranks

  • he was transferred to the 12th Legion, the mounted infantry legion. This legion was famed for its unusual tactics with all its members being skilled at fighting both on horseback and on foot.
  • He becomes the first man ever elected to the role of Tribune of the Soldiers in the 12th Legion's history and only the second man ever to reach such a rank in the history of the empire.

Earning Fame

  • Regulus becomes the first ever male Legatus taking command of the 12th Imperial Legion.
  • His position was tenuous at best with almost every female in the sentate watching fora mistake to be made in order to knock him down out of his lofty position.
Mundren Invasion of The South
  • The Mundren City-State Invasion was their attempt to take control of the chain of port cities on the edge of the Rasilien Sea.
  • The Mundren Army was deployed in order to gain control of the trade routes the port cities gave access to, therefore giving the city-state a vast boost in wealth.
  • The army commanded by the only living Gibborim, a title bestowed upon on the greatest caste of warrior heros.

The Pre-eminent General

  • After a victorious campaign he was ordered to ensure that no soldier was to wear their armour and weapons during the parade of celebration (something that had never been denied a victorious force before). In response to this obvious insult presented to him Regulus responded by having all his troop dress wooden dummies in the weapons and armour, then place them on sticks so they could be attached to the saddle. Much to the shock of the onlookers when the 12th Legion marched in the parade of celebration they carried a dummy army above them. As the order to the 12th had been publicised it was a humuliation to the politicians who ordered it. They took this as an afront and became more determined to remove him.

Exile Era

  • To Regulus being exiled was like his entire world had been flipped onto its head without warning.
  • All the friends and allies he'd had to leave behind or watch die. Their loss feeling as though a part of himself was gone. Like someone had pulled his heart from his chest to leave nothing but a numb void and a painful ache around the edges of where it should be.
  • Like no matter how small a place he went to it always felt like he couldn't get close to anything or anyone around him.


  • The image used to represent Regulus is a piece created by my muffin FadingSoul . IT'S AWESOME!!!
  • Loosely based off User:Kai-De-Avalon.
  • Regulus means rule or to rule.
  • Valerius means to be strong
  • Primus means first.
  • Combined the name means To Rule and Be Stong First.