Rakasa Najmastar

Rakasa Najmastar 1

Bio Profile
Full Name Rakasa Najmastar
  • Delta
  • Princess Najmastar
Gender Female
Age 19
Date of Birth 27th October
Species Deltan/Human Hybrid
Ethnicity American
Blood Type A Rh Negative
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 145 lbs
Family Unknown
Service Record
Rank Ensign, Helmsman
  • Command
  • Tactical
  • Helm
Ships Served On
Skill Profile
Fighting Styles Aikido Expert
Combat Proficiency
  • Expert Marksman
  • Expert Martial Artist
Supplementary Skills
  • Master Pilot
  • Expert Strategist
  • Expert Engineer
  • Expert Medic

Ensign Rank Comm Badge


Rakasa is a Deltan/Human hybrid, born on earth to a Deltan father and a Human mother. Her father was a Deltan Ambassador to the Federation Council and her mother was a cultural attache at Deltan Consulate. Rakasa was raised in the consulate and was raised to be a multilingual diplomat in order to take over for her father once she came of age. However as she grew up she decided that the life of a diplomat was not for her and that exploring the galaxy as part of Starfleet.


Rakasa is an incredibly beautiful dark haired young woman.