Eder Basajaun

Eder Basajaun

Bio Profile
Full Name Eder Basajaun
  • Mr Chaos
  • The Man of the Hat
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 6 feet 1 inches
Date of Birth 4th May
Status Active
Ethnicity Druid
Blood Type A Rh D Positive
Affiliation Profile
  • Druid Nation
  • Jorguin City
Rank Bandit
Skill Profile
Role Ranger and Scoundrel
Weapons Proficiency
  • Repeating Crossbow
  • Long Knife
Fighting Styles ** Style


Eder was born in the Burning Marshes at the edge of the Druid Nation, a maze like marsh filled with trees with burning resin and strange animals.



  • Is happy to jump at the chance to cause chaos and be paid for the privalege.
  • He will cause trouble and spread a little chaos wherever he goes, unless it is detramental to his goal of getting the empress back on the throne and getting his fortune.
  • He is a slightly introverted person, and prefer to be alone, doing solitary things.
  • He seems very interested in philosophy, and use it as a means to solve my own issues.
  • Things like morally righteous, mellow, and overachieving come to mind when I think of him.
  • Although he is usually a laid-back person, he can often get easily provoked when in a bad mood.
  • Doesn't seem to judge people either, and I don't think he hates anybody.


Master Marksman

Master Arsonist

Eder is an master of the art of Arson, able to burn down one select area and not it's surroundings or specific thing within the area. Anyone can start a fire, however getting the fire to do only what you want and nothing more would be the actual skill.

Expert Gambler


The mythical leader of the Wild Hunt, antlered and facial features concealed by a mask.


Repeating Crossbow

Marsh-Heart Resin Firebomb



Chief Alrekr The Bloodfist

Bassed off User:1NF3RNO

Alrekr is the tribal chief of the Hádreki, the masters of the Þrymja Fjalls.

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st

Bassed off User:FadingSoul

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st is the empress of the Alquvian Empire.

  • She is known as the songbird of the empire, as she loves music.
  • She is a great patron of the arts who paints and sculpts regularly.
  • She does not actively take part in the warfare.
  • She is a powerful figure in politics.
  • She considers others before she acts due to her position.
  • She fills the role of The Chick in the Five Man Band Trope.

Imperial Envoy Arash Govad

Bassed off User:Wyvern 0m3g4

Arash Govad is the envoy to the Alquvian Empire from the Falshin Empire. He is the voice of an Falshin Empire that speaks to the Empress of Alquvia and the Alquvian Senate

Legatus Regulus Valerius Primus

Bassed off User:Kai-De-Avalon

Regulus is the former Legatus of the 12th Alquvian Legion and an exile. His exile was pushed for by powerful members of the senate who were motivated by gender politics.


Spahbed Daršam Arika

Based off Jakyou

  • He is very creative and a deep thinker. He also tends to think and plan incredibly quickly.
  • He's fiercely loyal to anyone he becomes closely attached to. Even resorting to violence to defend someone.
  • He does his best to display a fascade of patience and anger control, seeing as he feels it's necessary for someone in his position.
  • He has a sense of humor and makes use of puns.

Daršam means 'Greatly' in Old Iranian. Arika means "Treacherous" in Old Iranian. All together the name means "Greatly Treacherous".

Padouspan Zahhak Dakhma

Based off User:FoolishMortalFOOL

He is the Vice-General of the invading army who captured Alquvia, the capital of the empire.

Zahhak means 'Dragon' in Persian. Dakhma means "Crypt" in Persian. All together the name means "Dragon Crypt".

Padouspan Hamza Parisa

Based off Undead Hero

The name Hamza means Strong. The name Parisa means Like A Fairy. The name all together means Strong Like A Fairy. Or Brîska meaning glitter, which all together would mean Glitter Like A Fairy.

Senator Aedifica Cassia Omid

Based off User:NadaAsar

  • She works with the invaders from within the senate, helping to push Regulus into exile. Using other women to push her agenda.
  • She is the first not fulll blooded Alquvian to become a Senator. She's a master architect who helped design some of the greatest buildings in the captial.
  • She makes herself the leader of the rebels and uses her extensive architectural knowledge to hide them in various hidden places, then brings forth the invaders to flush out an wipe out any rebels in the capital.
  • Character reference Zaha Hadid.

Aedifica is a deritive of aedificis means "builder, contractor, architect, maker" in Latin. Cassia is a deritive cassius means "empty" in latin. Omid means Hope in Persian. All together the names means "Architect of Empty Hope".

The Bandit

Based off User:Marcus Junior


Tribal Augur

Bassed off User:Generalizer0

The Circus Master

Based off User:Powerhouse411

The master of a traveling circus with people who fight wild beasts, songstresses and clowns. He allows the group to hide within his circus for a short time.


Days in the Druid Nation

Wandering Days


  • The image used to represent Eder is Twisted Fate from League of Legends, drawn by the artist L. Lian uploaded by Inesanemona to zerochan. Any requests for removal will be honoured.
  • Jorguín is the Basque word for Sorcerer.
  • Based off User:13th madman.
  • Eder means Handsome in Basque.
  • Basajaun means Lord of the Woods in Basque.
  • Combined the name means Handsome Lord of the Woods.