Blair Heartwin

Leo Hartwin

Bio Profile
Full Name Blair Leonardo Heartwin
Title The Lion of Liverpool
Gender Male
Age 26
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Height 6 foot 4
Build Thin/Toned
Date of Birth 12th March
Status Alive
Species Wizard
Ethnicity British
Blood Type Type O Negative
Alignment Profile
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Class Auror
Role Investigator
Skill Profile
Weapons Proficiency Knife and Pistol
Magic Proficiency Wand User and Wandless
Fighting Styles Krav Maga
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Blair is an Auror for the Ministry of Magic, assigned to investigate Dark Wizard and Anti-Muggle organisations with the World Order of Law Forces (WOLF) task force. He is a master of dueling and counter curses, excelling particularly in defence against the dark arts and transfiguration when studying at Hogwarts.

Raised by his muggle parents, Blair had no knowledge of the wizardng world until the age of 11 when he recieved his Hogwarts letter.


Blair is considered to be something of an oddball even by Auror standards. As a muggleborn he refuses to look down upon muggles as somehow inferior. In fact he is of the opinion that due to their lack of reliance on magical power they can actually be superior in many ways. Most of the Aurors scoffed at his claims, until he proved he could disarm them without the use of wand or magic.

Blair is singularly obsessed with his role as an Auror. Living the job, rather than just having it. He has been told many times that this is unhealthy but he just says it keeps him sharp. When trying to argue with the assertion people tend to run afoul of his incredible record.

Outside of his job Blair is significantly more mundane. He has minimal social life, despite being well liked and respected.


Circe Alderly

Circe is an author


Circe Alderly



Blair is a top class investigator having honed skills working for the Ministry of Magic, earning some reknown by combining muggle and wizarding methods to get the job done.


Blair is an acomplished duelist.


Blair is able to cast a fully formed Patronous Charm, allowing him to combat dementors. His Patronous takes on the form of great Lion.

Lion Patronous



Redwood Wand

Blair's wand is a 14 inch Redwood Wand, with a Unicorn Hair Core and supple flexibilty. Redwood wands are not themselves lucky, but are strongly attracted to witches and wizards who already possess the admirable ability to fall on their feet, to make the right choice, to snatch advantage from catastrophe. The combination of such a witch or wizard with a redwood wand is always intriguing, and generally stories of exciting exploits are expected from the user.


Blair's Mask

Blair's carries a mask for when he needs to quickly conceal his identity without being mistaken for someone else by those he is hunting.


HP Revolver

Blair is very unusual amongst wizards, and in particular Aurors, in that he carries muggle made weapons on him when on duty. He carries an old revolver fashioned pistol that's loaded with rubber bullets. Each one is enchanted as a portkey that works on contact with a person, that sends them into a sealed enchanted cell. He only uses it when outnumbered and overwhelmed.


HP Knife

In addition to his pistol, Blair carries a Knife. It isn't enchanted in any way, but he is skilled in its use. Although he rarely gets to use it, due to its potentially lethal nature.


Blair uses omnioculars during investigations to enhance his view and give him a tactical advantage.