Bad Moon Rising
Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Out Of the Shadows

Tyr strode slowly through the streets of the capital looking around slowly taking in everything in sight. It had been four long years since he'd seen a city or town that wasn't burning with from the flames of war. The streets were very different from what he remembered them to be. Gone were the sprawling suburban homes surrounding the city and gone were the mass of local shops. Instead there were dirty looking multistory buildings on all sides, from the number of people leaning out of windows and clambering from building to building it was clearly now a slum.

The world he'd known had fallen apart, but despite this his heart felt light as he strode through his old neighbourhood. He was going home to the house he'd grown up in, the the people who'd known him all his life. He hiked his bag up higher on his shoulder as he moved down the dirty streets. He walked past a group of arguing men on a corner, each one of them holding a bottle of spirits in their hands. The men all varily backed away from the man in the black uniform, they had no idea who he was but the uniform said don't mess with him.

Tyr rounded the corner to his old street, a spring in his step as he approached the place he knew as home. He jogged down the road passing the old house next door and saw nothing. He stared disbelievingly for a second as all he could see was a blackened empty plot of land, filled with rubble and blackened dust. He dropped to his knees despair filling his heart, he tried to hold onto hope but deep down he felt the emptiness creep in.

"Tyr? Is that you boy?" An elderly voice pushed its way into the darkness of his mind.

The story starts with the main character returning to the capital city in his dark stalkers uniform with a duffel bag over his shoulder. He'd been on a mission deep behind enemy lines when peace had been declared. When they heard the mission was scrubbed due to peace being declared the squad couldn't wait to get home.

However as their CO had realised that even with peace declared the reputation of the Dark Stalkers would be enough to get them shot for retribution. So the squad began its three month long retreat through enemy territory, with troops heading in all directions moving for home.

His heart felt light as he headed for his old neighbourhood. However he soon realised that the city was in chaos. The sprawling streets that had once been filled with pretty suburbs was now a tangled mass of slums. People at each others throats on every corner, however most of the people move out of his path when they see his appearance.

He heads to his old family home to find that its just simply gone. The space where the place had been was just a flattened mound of charred rubble and ash. As he's standing in front of the rubble he's recognised by an elderly lady. She tells him that the his family had been caught in the plague after they'd returned from the labour camps. They'd been to weak to resist and had died. Then the house had been collapsed then burned to prevent further infection.

She said most people avoided such places for fear of the plague. She shows him the place where the bodies had been burned. He collects a small portion of his family's ashes and puts them in a leather pouch. He's upset, but has hardened to death during four years of brutal war.

He asks about places to find work and the woman tells him that most of the city are in the same situation. She tells him that she'd heard rumours of the police taking on former soldiers. He thanked her for her help and offers to return the favour. She just smiles kindly and says unless he can by some miracle make the gangs leave her alone that he needn't worry.

He picks up his duffel and asks her to show him the gang. She shakes her head saying it was just a little joke. He insists so she shows him a set of low level gangsters outside her building. He immediately walks over and grabs one by the throat his eyes glowing golden. He tells them that if they ever bother the old lady again he'll kill them all. The gang shoot at him, but he quickly subdues them and they run.

As he goes to leave the landlord comes out the building. He asks the dark stalker could he do that again? The dark stalker answers that he could. So the landlord offers him a flat in the building in exchange for keeping it safe from gangs.

He goes to the top floor where his two room flat is. He throws down his kit bag and lays down to rest.

He's awoken by loud bangs and shouts from below. In under a second his claws and fangs are ready for a fight. He runs out the room and sees the gang members from before rounding people up.

He turns full werewolf form and leaps down on the gang members. He drags them away from the civilians before he tears them limb from limb in front of each other. He leaves two survivors to spread the word that the block is off limits and protected by a Dark Stalker.

A chase scene with a full squad chasing down three rogue demon murderer. A DCD squad are hunting the trio through the slums of the undercity. The undercity is a warren of homes and shops that are an impassable maze to all but the locals. DCD know the main paths well, but the side paths can change from day to day so are a mystery. They move hard and fast through the maze of buildings.

Chapter 2

Bad Moon Rising