Arash Govad

Arash Govad 1

Bio Profile
Full Name Arash Govad
Titles Eyes of an Empire
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Date of Birth 27th December
Status Active
Ethnicity Falshin
Blood Type B Rh D Negative
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation Falshin Empire
Rank Imerpial Envoy
Skill Profile
Role Spymaster and Diplomat
Weapons Proficiency Shamshir
Fighting Styles Falshin Shamshir Style


Arash Govad is the envoy to the Alquvian Empire from the Falshin Empire. He is the voice of an Falshin Empire that speaks to the Empress of Alquvia and the Alquvian Senate.


  • Has long brown dreadlocks.
  • Wears loose light clothing.


  • He loves sweet things and is particularly fond of a type long rolled candied fruit.
  • His a rarity being both a good politican and an honest man.
  • Prefers fairness and equality
  • A bit on the lazy side, as I like to work at my own pace. Has a tendency to prefer focusing on the here and now, instead of the past or future
  • Due to the love of equality, has a philosophy regarding balance, harmony and moderation that I take very seriously. As such, I'm a fence sitter, and don't take sides easily. I'm also somewhat of a fully grown child, and thus refer to myself in comedic fashion as a man-child
  • Is incredibly loyal to loved ones. To the point of taking drastic measure for those closest to me, at my own risk - Tends to be a workaholic and can be overly obsessive about one thing at a time. Also tends to be a perfectionist when passionate about certain projects or goals, such as drawing or being an entertainer/artist/performer
  • Has been brutally honest in my past, but has had my honesty curbed for the sake of myself and loved ones
  • Is usually very patient, but can have a violent, almost sinister temper when provoked
  • Is compassionate, and cares deeply for others. Has a habit of being overly helpful when I feel others need a hand, at the expense of myself
  • Has become very respectful towards women, without compromising his ideals for equality
  • Can be extremely stubborn when my mind is set on something my ideals
  • Tends to be overly modest sometimes to a fault. Has been taught to be more proud and respectful towards myself throughout my lifetime.
  • Generally detests injustice, cruelty, and general acts of evil and malice towards others
  • Has an active sense of humor, which is supported by my wit. Thus, I can be sarcastic, mocking, or just generally silly and light-hearted whenever I'm not in a deadpan or serious mood
  • Has a strong sense of responsibility and will carry out jobs and tasks to the letter, within my limitations, if deemed important enough
  • If I were in a world like that, I'd be disgusted with the inequality, and yet I'd never be outright disrespectful to women, since I'm a little chivalrous that way. It's hard to sum up into words, really, but the best way to express my feelings is to refer to women as a whole as a sort of treasure. I just see them as special and worth being treated kindly. Within reason, of course.
  • Is something of a romantic, when it comes to genuine feelings of love. I like to see myself as being the sensitive, yet manly guy who can play both parts to support the person of my affections
  • Definitely passionate about the things I care about; be they people, ideals, sentimental possessions, or even hopes and dreams
  • Has a willingness to believe in things beyond the scope of reality and facts, such as luck, God, destiny, monsters, and so on. To the point where I consider them to be real, due to believing we as humans don't have all the answers, and can therefore not definitively dismiss these things entirely, I went with "monsters" as a catch-all term
  • Is very polite and respectful in public, and even still, when around people he's close to
  • Likes to keep things set up in my own way. Not fond of having my personal space reorganized against my will
  • Isn't fond of overly competitive attitudes, as it clashes with my desire for fun and not victory. Also tends to oppose my pursuit for fairness


Master Politician

Expert in Espionage

Whilst in Alquvia he acted as the spymaster for all Falshin agents within the empire, gathering the

Master Martial Artist

Arash is a master of an unarmed martial art form.

  • The martial art is based off of Gatka movements.

Adept Swordsman

  • His swordsmanship style is based off Gatka.


Message Tube

The messages tube is one of Arash's most important tools. When attached to the talons of his Falcon it can carry large messages from himself to one of several destinations including: Xanasc, Alquvia, the frontier post of the Falshin Empire and anywhere that has a banner or standard with specific symbols on.

His highly trained falcon can carry a message from Alquvia to Xanasc (655 miles via air in 18 hours) and return after half a days rest. Making an average message able to be sent and returned in 2 days. To send an average messenger on horseback (apporximately 800 miles) from one to the other would take in the range of seven to eight.


Arash's Shamshir
Arash's only bladed weapon is his Shamshir sword, a long curved single edged cutting weapon. The Shamshir is effective both on foot and on horseback.



Chief Alrekr The Bloodfist

Bassed off User:1NF3RNO

Alrekr is the tribal chief of the Hádreki, the masters of the Þrymja Fjalls.

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st

Bassed off User:FadingSoul

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st is the empress of the Alquvian Empire.

  • She is known as the songbird of the empire, as she loves music.
  • She is a great patron of the arts who paints and sculpts regularly.
  • She does not actively take part in the warfare.
  • She is a powerful figure in politics.
  • She considers others before she acts due to her position.
  • She fills the role of The Chick in the Five Man Band Trope.

Legatus Regulus Valerius Primus

Bassed off User:Kai-De-Avalon

Regulus is the former Legatus of the 12th Alquvian Legion and an exile. His exile was pushed for by powerful members of the senate who were motivated by gender politics.

Eder Basajaun

Bassed off User:13th madman

A strange hat wearing druid or pirate or general rogue who preaches and enacts the anarchist philosophy wherever he goes.

  • Is happy to jump at the chance to cause chaos and be paid for the privalege.
  • He will cause trouble and spread a little chaos wherever he goes, unless it is detramental to his goal of getting the empress back on the throne and getting his fortune.
  • Also in return for convinving his people to join the fight their home city is to be named a free trade city, exempt from all taxes and leveies to the empire for a period of twenty years.
  • He fills the role of The Lancer in the Five Man Band Trope


Arash has a pet falcon that he uses to carry messages from Alquvia to the capital of his home empire. It is one of the fastest birds in the world and is extremely well trained. He will carry messages to a variety of different locations depending upon which symbol his is shown by Arash prior to being released. Able to fly an average of 34 miles in one hour the falcon is an extremely effective method of communication.

Young Spy

Based off User:Zeon1

  • A young spy who works in the service of the Falshin Empire and reports to Arash Govad.
  • Appears later on in the story with information for the spymaster, possible larger role.


Spahbed Daršam Arika

Based off Jakyou

  • He is very creative and a deep thinker. He also tends to think and plan incredibly quickly.
  • He's fiercely loyal to anyone he becomes closely attached to. Even resorting to violence to defend someone.
  • He does his best to display a fascade of patience and anger control, seeing as he feels it's necessary for someone in his position.
  • He has a sense of humor and makes use of puns.

Daršam means 'Greatly' in Old Iranian. Arika means "Treacherous" in Old Iranian. All together the name means "Greatly Treacherous".

Padouspan Zahhak Dakhma

Based off User:FoolishMortalFOOL

He is the Vice-General of the invading army who captured Alquvia, the capital of the empire.

Zahhak means 'Dragon' in Persian. Dakhma means "Crypt" in Persian. All together the name means "Dragon Crypt".

Padouspan Hamza Parisa

Based off Undead Hero

The name Hamza means Strong. The name Parisa means Like A Fairy. The name all together means Strong Like A Fairy. Or Brîska meaning glitter, which all together would mean Glitter Like A Fairy.

Senator Aedifica Cassia Omid

Based off User:NadaAsar

  • She works with the invaders from within the senate, helping to push Regulus into exile. Using other women to push her agenda.
  • She is the first not fulll blooded Alquvian to become a Senator. She's a master architect who helped design some of the greatest buildings in the captial.
  • She makes herself the leader of the rebels and uses her extensive architectural knowledge to hide them in various hidden places, then brings forth the invaders to flush out an wipe out any rebels in the capital.
  • Character reference Zaha Hadid.

Aedifica is a deritive of aedificis means "builder, contractor, architect, maker" in Latin. Cassia is a deritive cassius means "empty" in latin. Omid means Hope in Persian. All together the names means "Architect of Empty Hope".

The Bandit

Based off User:Marcus Junior


Tribal Augur

Bassed off User:Generalizer0

The Circus Master

Based off User:Powerhouse411

The master of a traveling circus with people who fight wild beasts, songstresses and clowns. He allows the group to hide within his circus for a short time.


Childhood Era


  • The image used to represent Kassim from the manga Magi, any requests for removal will be honoured.
  • Based off User:Wyvern 0m3g4.
  • Arash means Truthfulness.
  • Govad means Wind.
  • Combined the name means Truthful Wind.