Alrekr The Bloodfist

Alrekr The Bloodfist 1

Bio Profile
Full Name Alrekr Rasmuson
  • Chief of the Hádreki
  • The Bloodfist
  • Master Of The Mountains
Gender Male
Age 21
Height 6 feet 5 inches
Date of Birth 4th October
Status Active
Ethnicity Hádreki
Blood Type AB Rh D Positive
Affiliation Profile
Affiliation The Hádreki
Rank Chiefton
Skill Profile
Role Shock Trooper
Weapons Proficiency
  • Axe
  • Mace
Fighting Styles Tribal War Brawling


Alrekr was born in the wild and harsh Þrymja Fjalls (meaning Thunder Mountains), filled with giant fawna and harsh terrain. Outsiders avoid passing through the mountains wherever possible and will only travel through them with an escort from the Hádreki (meaning High Dragon) tribe to protect them from the dangerous wild fawna.

Alrekr is the chief of the Hádreki (meaning High Dragon) tribe, the people who have controlled the mountains and passes betweeen the Alquvian and Falshin Empires of hundreds of years. Alrekr is the youngest ever Chief of the Tribe, and quite possibly the strongest in the history of the Chiefs of the village. His trusted steed is not a horse of normal size like most men and woman, but in fact a rhino. A large and armoured Rhino by the name of Dyrgeirr (meaning Beast Spear), wielding quite possibly the fiercest cavalry in the world. 

Alrekr has proven to be an incredibly powerful man, capable of sustaining a tribe that can live alongside such powerful creatures so easily. Building homes for his people and creating numerous new ways to scale treetops and mountains. Despite his brutesque appearance, he is quite the intelligent individual, proving to be an expert tactician. His brawling techniques prove to be more along the brutal side of things, often breaking bones and knocking his opponent unconscious when he can, being an incredibly sturdy individual he is no stranger to taking hits.



  • He is very blunt about most things and doesn't hold back when he feel something needs to be said.
  • He works extremely hard for the people of his tribe though not always in ways that they understand.
  • He’s loyal, and honest.
  • Never afraid to say what's on his mind or hurt someone’s feelings.
  • He is also very passionate, sincere; he would never say anything unless he really meant it.
  • He is adventurous, rebellious, a risk taker, never afraid to get a little dirty.
  • Though even with all this, his sense of humour is fantastic. He can make the whole room laugh in moments.
  • He’s rather protective of his friends, it’s obvious he doesn't like them arguing.
  • Trusting someone is not something he does lightly, but if you break it, it’s gone for good.
  • He’s stubborn at times, and he doesn’t always think before he speaks, but he always has the best intention at heart.
  • Alrekr is a fast thinker, able to adapt quickly to different scenarios that are thrown at him.
  • He is full of strength; physical and emotional, making him an easy person to count on.
  • He's an easy going person, but would defend his loved ones without question.
  • He is a reasonable person, willing to listen to others before making a decision.  
  • Has a tendency to overthink things when alone.
  • Is a very curious person and will sometimes go out of his way to pursue whatever it is that he is curious about. 
  • He is a very good judge of character and can often see through a lie rather quickly.
  • He rules by brute force.
  • He uses an axe and a mace as his weapons.
  • He has a sharp mind that belies his brutish appearance, making him a dangerous adversary and a useful ally.
  • His personality has hidden depths.
  • Known as the Red Lion.
  • He tries his best to leave nobody out, as he hates anyone being singled out or being left on there own.

To think about.

  • Which is why I ask and request! that Alrekr's tribe be mainly Equality based. rather than Male dominated.
  • But percieved as Male Dominated for the fact that Alrekr rules it
  • there could be a twist when he is asked by Aurelia or Regulus why he chooses to rule a *male dominated society of his own instead of living in a kingdom
  • And it could be because he believes in equality, and that's why so many people gather to *his home
  • Don't get me wrong!
  • They could still be opposites
  • He's raised by a male dominated society
  • her by a female
  • but when he is in charge, he tries to make it equal to both, since he's stuck between a male dominated one and a female dominated one.
  • He could see the flaws and pros of both
  • Since he's a master tactician as well
  • It add's for an interesting twist
  • since looking at a character like his who rules by force
  • you'd expect the typical Male dominated thing.
  • Which is exactly what Aurelia and Regulus and others could do
  • That could be why he and Regulus get along and he joins them
  • Alrekr would be the kind of guy who doesn't let gender get in the way, if you have the power, and the loyalty, you can go places~
  • Basically, It'd be very unexpected, but completely logical. If Alrekr's tribe was of Equality. Primarily because there isn't necessarily much else reason to live in mountains and/or a forest instead of the Male/Female dominated societies they are inbetween.
  • It would also be a fun twist since everyone that sees or meets him, and sees how he rules. Would honestly and swearingly believe it's Male dominated. Only noticing it is not when actually living among the others in it.
  • It would also allow an opportunity for Regulus and Alrekr to bond to a point where Alrekr could wholeheartedly assist the warrior and empress on their quest.
  • I'd assume Alrekr wouldn't be stupid enough to lead outsiders to his own home straight away. Considering the mass forces he is surrounded by I'd say you'd need to live there and have his trust to be able to see where the wonders of his home is. Which would mean a longer amount of time waiting to see how his tribe is actually run. If you ever get to see it.
  • This could be one of the reasons Aurelia eventually falls for (if she does) Alrekr. Because despite not being born or raised in fancy homes or clothing, he was able to do something not many people of proper education could, and succesfully manage it, helping lots of people. 
  • It'd make him big enough to actually fit with the other 4 of the big 5. If not already.
  • I can imagine it'd help for his tribe being able to become an army to assist the main characters in their final battles or larger battles. Because some of the males of the female dominated society and some of the females of the male dominated society would leave and make for the tribe. In order to gain more rights than they previously had.


Expert Tactician

Alrekr is a veteran soldier whose experience in leading small units of troops shows in his numerous victories in battle with rival tribes and invading forces. Alrekr has been known to use his surroundings for numerous advantegous purposes, reducing forces of mass number to mere handfuls with his tactics alone. His skill with tactics has allowed him to bring many great foes to their knees, allowing him to expand his tribe more and more, increasing their numbers and building greater forces than the kingdoms around him expect. Though it is unknown to how he became so skilled with tactics is unknown, it is known that he is not to be trifled with if you are an inexperienced warrior. He is as wise as he is strong, and only the greatest of tacticians try to face him, to test themselves.

Though his forces have access to numerous poisons of the wild and assassination methods. Alrekr chooses not to use them, believing they are not the honourable or necessary methods to defeat an opponent. Instead Alrekr chooses to face large enemies with a small handful of troops in order to reduce the risk to his people and increase their mobility in combat, allowing them to hit several foes instead of who's in front and not behind. His methods prove enemies large scale weapons such as catapults or ballistas useless as they are never able to get close to his villages. Their manouverability among the forests and mountains prevent archers from getting good shots also. Allowing Alrekrs troops to forcefully annihalate or capture any foolish enough to enter his lands.

Master of Blunt Weapons

Alrekr is a master with blunt weapons, so much so that he able to comfortably dual wield them in combat.

Expert Rider

Alrekr has become an expert rider over his years leading the tribe. Proving his skills he is able to ride numerous large animals, ranging from a normal horse or stallion to even that of a mighty rhino, which is his usual and specialised mount into battle. The thunderous steps of the Rhino can be heard throughout a battle and so he chooses the armoured herbivore to fight alongside him.

Expert Builder

Alrekr is an expert builder who regularly leads the tribe in the building of new homes and defences for their villages. He learned how to created siege engines that could cast large stone over great distances.

Superhuman Strength

Alrekr has a large body size and muscular physical frame, which makes him much stronger than his appearance would traditionally suggest.



Alrekr's Axe

Alrekr carries a large axe for use in both battle and everyday life. The axe is both a weapon and a tool, for use gathering wood and striking down foes.


Alrekr's Mace

Alrekr carries a large mace for use in both battle and everyday life. The mace is both a weapon and a tool



Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st

Bassed off User:FadingSoul

Empress Aurelia Flavia Luciana the 1st is the empress of the Alquvian Empire.

  • She is known as the songbird of the empire, as she loves music.
  • She is a great patron of the arts who paints and sculpts regularly.
  • She does not actively take part in the warfare.
  • She is a powerful figure in politics.
  • She considers others before she acts due to her position.
  • She fills the role of The Chick in the Five Man Band Trope

Imperial Envoy Arash Govad

Bassed off User:Wyvern 0m3g4

Arash Govad is the envoy to the Alquvian Empire from the Falshin Empire. He is the voice of an Falshin Empire that speaks to the Empress of Alquvia and the Alquvian Senate.

Legatus Regulus Valerius Primus

Bassed off User:Kai-De-Avalon

Regulus is the former Legatus of the 12th Alquvian Legion and an exile. His exile was pushed for by powerful members of the senate who were motivated by gender politics.

Eder Basajaun

Bassed off User:13th madman

A strange hat wearing druid or pirate or general rogue who preaches and enacts the anarchist philosophy wherever he goes.

  • Is happy to jump at the chance to cause chaos and be paid for the privalege.
  • He will cause trouble and spread a little chaos wherever he goes, unless it is detramental to his goal of getting the empress back on the throne and getting his fortune.
  • He fills the role of The Lancer in the Five Man Band Trope


Dyrgeirr is Alrekr's might rhino steed, capable of


Spahbed Daršam Arika

Based off Jakyou

  • He is very creative and a deep thinker. He also tends to think and plan incredibly quickly.
  • He's fiercely loyal to anyone he becomes closely attached to. Even resorting to violence to defend someone.
  • He does his best to display a fascade of patience and anger control, seeing as he feels it's necessary for someone in his position.
  • He has a sense of humor and makes use of puns.

Daršam means 'Greatly' in Old Iranian. Arika means "Treacherous" in Old Iranian. All together the name means "Greatly Treacherous".

Padouspan Zahhak Dakhma

Based off User:FoolishMortalFOOL

He is the Vice-General of the invading army who captured Alquvia, the capital of the empire.

Zahhak means 'Dragon' in Persian. Dakhma means "Crypt" in Persian. All together the name means "Dragon Crypt".

Padouspan Hamza Parisa

Based off Undead Hero

The name Hamza means Strong. The name Parisa means Like A Fairy. The name all together means Strong Like A Fairy. Or Brîska meaning glitter, which all together would mean Glitter Like A Fairy.

Senator Aedifica Cassia Omid

Based off User:NadaAsar

  • She works with the invaders from within the senate, helping to push Regulus into exile. Using other women to push her agenda.
  • She is the first not fulll blooded Alquvian to become a Senator. She's a master architect who helped design some of the greatest buildings in the captial.
  • She makes herself the leader of the rebels and uses her extensive architectural knowledge to hide them in various hidden places, then brings forth the invaders to flush out an wipe out any rebels in the capital.
  • Character reference Zaha Hadid.

Aedifica is a deritive of aedificis means "builder, contractor, architect, maker" in Latin. Cassia is a deritive cassius means "empty" in latin. Omid means Hope in Persian. All together the names means "Architect of Empty Hope".

The Pirate

Based off User:Marcus Junior


Tribal Augur

Bassed off User:Generalizer0

The Circus Master

Based off User:Powerhouse411

The master of a traveling circus with people who fight wild beasts, songstresses and clowns. He allows the group to hide within his circus for a short time.


Childhood Era

Chiefton Era


  • The image used to represent Alrekr is Skrimr from the game Fire Emblem: Radient Dawn, any requests for removal will be honoured.
  • Based off User:1NF3RNO.
  • Alrekr is a combination of two ancient Norse names Ala meaning all and Rik meaning Mighty.
  • Bloodfist is the title given to the strongest warrior in the tribe.
  • Combined the name means the All Mighty Bloodfist.