Alfheim Crest

The realm of Alfheim is divided into two major areas; The Primal Forest and The Golden City. The realm is ruled by the king known of Oberon.

The Primal Forest

The Primal Forest is a dense 360 degree battleground of enormous trees the smallest of which are 300 feet tall. Every living creature has the ability to leap from giant tree to giant tree branch, many branches are as much as 40 feet apart.

The herbivores of the forest graze upon the leaves of the great trees, the most nutritious leaves being nearer the top of the trees. Meaning the herbivores have to balance the nutritional value of what they eat versus the danger they expose themselves to in getting to the nutritious leaves. The predators are just as agile as their herbivorous prey and hunt them in a truly three dimensional battle for survival. Any player who travels through the forest is constantly watched from all sides by predators and prey alike. Any perceived weakness in a player by predator or prey will be pounced upon, the predators looking for a meal and the prey looking to defend their territory.

The greatest danger of The Primal Forest is it's unpredictability. It is a constantly changing and evolving ecosystem. the primal beats are always learning and adapting their ways even evolving their bodies to become more effective. That combined with the deceptive mix of light and shadows makes The Primal Forest a truly challenging environment for even the most advanced players.

The Golden City

The citadel is a safe zone with the exception of duels, as such it is a restful place for players. At the centre of the citadel is Oberon's Palace, this becomes the residence of the player who holds the title of Oberon. The rest of the city is a series of beautiful interconnected elven style buildings.